Our Story

„All began on the island of Crete, Greece in 2014. We decided to travel around the Island with a Tableau full of handmade jewellery. Mostly we wanted to enjoy the nature and be able to support a simple holiday with the money we earned through selling on the beaches. But soon the dream came alive to create something for ourselves and bring this feeling of freedom and connection to nature closer to people living in an urban lifestyle. The sense of freedom we gained by travelling and meeting people, handcrafting their designs, seeing their lifestyle, we decided we want to support them. For some years we travelled through Germany, selling at various events and markets. Soon we knew we had to give our vision a home, a space to grow and shine. With some luck on our way, we found this space in October 2019 in Cologne. We welcome everyone into our colourful world! Our goal is to create a space where everyone can take a small holiday of everyday life.“

Behind „LaRox“ are founders Vasilis Panagopoulos and Roxana Niesemann, who choose jewellery, fashion, accessories and home decoration with a whole lot of love. Each piece is handmade, fair-trade and sustainable, produced in small mediterranean family businesses and by young artists and designers. Believing in the importance of sustainable and ethical fashion, the personal contact to each producer has the highest priority. Traditional techniques meet trendy and unique design – the shapes go from classic geometrical, delicate designs to organic and natural statement pieces. There is no mass-production of any of the pieces. Here you find carefully selected designs with a touch of mediterranean soul – bohemian chic meets ethnic spirit!