the    art of   slow   living





RINIDO is located above the quiet, subtropical valley of Tertsa, facing the Libyan Sea, on the southern side of the island of Crete.
It is a place created with mindfulness and attention to detail. A place of healing, wild plants, sun and peace.
Set high in the mountains, with beautiful views of the sea, surrounded by wild plants, banana trees and rocky cliffs – the perfect place to

experience   a way   of
alternative   living

find peace of mind. Tertsa village is a hidden treasure for those seeking a true retreat from the fast-paced modern world. Off the beaten path, Tertsa’s lush valley and beachfront location offer the best of Crete: a life in harmony with nature, generous hospitality, a slow-paced lifestyle and the luminous

Mediterranean Sea. The surrounding Dikti Mountains protect the small valley from the cold north wind, making Tertsa, with around 320 sunny days  per year, one of the warmest places in Greece.

At RINIDO you find a family-run compound with a tropical vibe, where groups of up to 12 people are accommodated in safari-style tiny houses made of canvas and wood.

Additional single rooms are available under certain conditions, please contact us for further inquiries.
The place is built with what the surrounding nature is offering, opening a possibility for you to fully connect and submerge in its beauty, giving you a truly unique experience.

The food is freshly prepared and served in a beautiful outdoor space, built under an old olive tree.

The outdoor platform offers a space for workshops with views over the valley and the Lybian Sea.

Electricity and hot water are completely run by the solar system.
Facilities, as well as outdoor showers are built near the tiny houses.
Rinido is only a 15 minute walk from the village and the beach.




Experience a decelerated, simple way of life, surrounded by beauty, connected with nature, together with dear people.
Stargazing, meditating in the adventurously appearing mountains, special excursions, camp fires on the beach, listening to the absolute silence – these are a few of the many things that make RINIDO a very special place.




We are offering a number of Retreats and Workshops at RINIDO. It is about experiencing an alternative lifestyle, thinking out of the box and establishing healthy self care routines diving deeper into practises such as yoga and meditation. We know from our own lives that you create your own reality, so it is our goal to show you that magic can happen if you let go of old structures and immerse yourself into a different way of living! We offer unique experiences in an intimate setting. Head to our Retreats & Workshops page to see what we are currently offering to you!

If you would like to host a Retreat or
Workshop at RINIDO contact us here!